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A poor man's Simulink

Glue between Octave and NGSPICE for discrete- and continuous time cosimulation (download) Keywords: Octave, SPICE, Simulink Introduction Many DSP problems have close ties with the analog world. For ...

posted by Markus Nentwig on Jan 24 2015 under Matlab | Design Methodolgies | Tips and Tricks 
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Finding the Best Optimum

When I was in school learning electrical engineering I owned a large mental pot, full of simmering resentment against the curriculum as it was being taught. It really started in my junior year, when ...

posted by Tim Wescott on Nov 4 2013 under Basics | Design Methodolgies 
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'z' as in 'Zorro': Frequency Masking FIR

An efficient way to implement FIR filters. Matlab / Octave example included. Keywords: Frequency masking FIR filter implementation Introduction An "upsampled" FIR filter uses multiple-sample delays ...

posted by Markus Nentwig on Oct 2 2012 under Matlab | Design Methodolgies | Multirate DSP 
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Weighted least-squares FIR with shared coefficients

FIR design with arbitrary routing between delay line and coefficient multipliers. Includes a commented implementation of a generic IRLS FIR design algorithm. Introduction: Reverse Engineering Whil...

posted by Markus Nentwig on May 23 2012 under Matlab | Design Methodolgies 
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DSP Algorithm Implementation: A Comprehensive Approach

As DSP engineers, ultimately we are required to design and implement specific DSP algorithms. The first step is to make a choice on which algorithm to use, e.g. for filtering should we use FIR or IIR....

posted by Sami Al Dalahmah on Apr 13 2011 under FPGA | Design Methodolgies | Verilog 
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Fitting Filters to Measured Amplitude Response Data Using invfreqz in Matlab

This blog post has been moved to the code snippet section and can now be found HERE.  Please update your bookmark.  Thanks! ...

posted by Julius Orion Smith III on Oct 11 2010 under Audio DSP | Matlab | Design Methodolgies 
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Knowledge Mine for Embedded Systems

I stumbled upon a great website (actually I found it on the google ads in gmail!) with comprehensive and deep information on embedded systems. The website talks about four main categorie...

posted by Sami Al Dalahmah on Jun 25 2010 under Basics | Design Methodolgies | DSP on the Web 
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Accelerating Matlab DSP Code on the GPU

Intrigued by GPUs, I've spent a few days testing out Jacket, an interface that lets you accelerate MATLAB (my favorite, if frustrating language) on NVIDIA GPUs. It's definitely got some caveats. B...

posted by Seth Benton on Mar 25 2010 under Matlab | Academia / Research | Design Methodolgies | GPGPU | Imaging 
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Of Forests and Trees and DSP

When Stephane invited me to write a blog for I immediately came up with a flood of ideas for highly detailed, technical, narrowly focused articles related to the intersection of ...

posted by Tim Wescott on Feb 10 2008 under Basics | Design Methodolgies 
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ES Week Emphasis on Component Based Design

Howdy everyone from beautiful Salzburg/Austria,A week full of presentations on embedded systems at ESWeek was quite a mindful. Similar to most academic conferences, there was only a few papers worth t...

posted by Praveen Raghavan on Oct 7 2007 under Academia / Research | Design Methodolgies 
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