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A Complex Variable Detective Story – A Disconnect Between Theory and Implementation

Recently I was in the middle of a pencil-and-paper analysis of a digital 5-tap FIR filter having complex-valued coefficients and I encountered a surprising and thought-provoking problem. So that you c...

posted by Rick Lyons on Oct 14 2014 under Tips and Tricks 
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The Number 9, Not So Magic After All

This blog is not about signal processing. Rather, it discusses an interesting topic in number theory, the magic of the number 9. As such, this blog is for people who are charmed by the behavior and pr...

posted by Rick Lyons on Oct 1 2014 under Tips and Tricks 
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Sum of Two Equal-Frequency Sinusoids

Some time ago I reviewed the manuscript of a book being considered by the IEEE Press publisher for possible publication. In that manuscript the author presented the following equation: Being unfami...

posted by Rick Lyons on Sep 4 2014 under Basics 
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The DFT Magnitude of a Real-valued Cosine Sequence

This blog may seem a bit trivial to some readers here but, then again, it might be of some value to DSP beginners. It presents a mathematical proof of what is the magnitude of an N-point discrete Four...

posted by Rick Lyons on Jun 17 2014
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Specifying the Maximum Amplifier Noise When Driving an ADC

I recently learned an interesting rule of thumb regarding the use of an amplifier to drive the input of an analog to digital converter (ADC). The rule of thumb describes how to specify the maximum all...

posted by Rick Lyons on Jun 9 2014 under Tips and Tricks 
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The wheels go round and round, round and round ...

Introduction Integer arithmetic is ubiquitous in digital hardware implementations, it's prolific in the control and data-paths.  When using fixed width (constrained) integers, overfl...

posted by Christopher Felton on May 26 2014 under FPGA | Basics | Tips and Tricks | Python 
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Spline interpolation

A cookbook recipe for segmented y=f(x) 3rd-order polynomial interpolation based on arbitrary input data. Includes Octave/Matlab design script and Verilog implementation example. Keywords: Spline, int...

posted by Markus Nentwig on May 11 2014 under Matlab | FPGA | Verilog 
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DSP Related Math: Nice Animated GIFs

I was browsing the ECE subreddit lately and found that some of the most popular posts over the last few months have been animated GIFs helping understand some mathematical concepts.  I thoug...

posted by Stephane Boucher on Apr 24 2014 under Basics 
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DSPRelated and EmbeddedRelated now on Facebook & I will be at EE Live!

I have two news to share with you today. The first one is that I finally created Facebook pages for and EmbeddedRelated (DSPRelated page - EmbeddedRelated page). For a long t...

posted by Stephane Boucher on Feb 24 2014 under DSPRelated 
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Signed serial-/parallel multiplication

Keywords: Binary signed multiplication implementation, RTL, Verilog, algorithm Summary A detailed discussion of bit-level trickstery in signed-signed multiplication Algorithm based on Wikipedia e...

posted by Markus Nentwig on Feb 16 2014 under FPGA | Basics | Verilog 
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