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DSPRelated and EmbeddedRelated now on Facebook & I will be at EE Live!

I have two news to share with you today. The first one is that I finally created Facebook pages for and EmbeddedRelated (DSPRelated page - EmbeddedRelated page). For a long t...

posted by Stephane Boucher on Feb 24 2014 under DSPRelated 
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Signed serial-/parallel multiplication

Keywords: Binary signed multiplication implementation, RTL, Verilog, algorithm Summary A detailed discussion of bit-level trickstery in signed-signed multiplication Algorithm based on Wikipedia e...

posted by Markus Nentwig on Feb 16 2014 under FPGA | Basics | Verilog 
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A Remarkable Bit of DFT Trivia

I recently noticed a rather peculiar example of discrete Fourier transform (DFT) trivia; an unexpected coincidence regarding the scalloping loss of the DFT. Here's the story. DFT SCALLOPING LOSS As y...

posted by Rick Lyons on Dec 26 2013 under Tips and Tricks 
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Understanding and Preventing Overflow (I Had Too Much to Add Last Night)

Happy Thanksgiving! Maybe the memory of eating too much turkey is fresh in your mind. If so, this would be a good time to talk about overflow. In the world of floating-point arithmetic, overflow is p...

posted by Jason Sachs on Dec 4 2013
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Finding the Best Optimum

When I was in school learning electrical engineering I owned a large mental pot, full of simmering resentment against the curriculum as it was being taught. It really started in my junior year, when ...

posted by Tim Wescott on Nov 4 2013 under Basics | Design Methodolgies 
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Computing Translated Frequencies in Digitizing and Downsampling Analog Bandpass Signals

A pdf version of this article is available In digital signal processing (DSP) we're all familiar with the processes of bandpass sampling an analog bandpass signal and downsampling a digital bandpass ...

posted by Rick Lyons on Oct 31 2013 under Tips and Tricks | Tutorial 
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Goertzel Algorithm for a Non-integer Frequency Index

If you've read about the Goertzel algorithm, you know it's typically presented as an efficient way to compute an individual kth bin result of an N-point discrete Fourier transform (DFT). The integer-v...

posted by Rick Lyons on Oct 7 2013 under Tips and Tricks 
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Is It True That j is Equal to the Square Root of -1 ?

A few days ago, on the web site, I watched an interesting video concerning complex numbers and the j operator. The video's author claimed that the statement "j is equal to the square root ...

posted by Rick Lyons on Sep 16 2013 under Basics | Tips and Tricks 
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Signal Processing Contest in Python (PREVIEW): The Worst Encoder in the World

When I posted an article on estimating velocity from a position encoder, I got a number of responses. A few of them were of the form "Well, it's an interesting article, but at slow speeds why can't yo...

posted by Jason Sachs on Sep 7 2013
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A Table of Digital Frequency Notation

When we read the literature of digital signal processing (DSP) we encounter a number of different, and equally valid, ways to algebraically represent the notion of frequency for discrete-time signals....

posted by Rick Lyons on Aug 5 2013 under Basics 
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