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Accelerating Matlab DSP Code on the GPU

Intrigued by GPUs, I've spent a few days testing out Jacket, an interface that lets you accelerate MATLAB (my favorite, if frustrating language) on NVIDIA GPUs. It's definitely got some caveats. B...

posted by Seth Benton on Mar 25 2010 under Matlab | Academia / Research | Design Methodolgies | GPGPU | Imaging 
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OpenCV for DSP/GPU, MSDN equivalent for CCS, and more

A great business opportunity might await anyone brave enough to attempt a port of the OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) library to a DSP platform.  OpenCV is the lingua franca of "industrial grade"...

posted by Shehrzad Qureshi on Feb 17 2010 under TMS320C6x | TMS320C54x | GPGPU | Imaging 
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Random GPGPU Musings

As I procastinate actually sitting down and writing some CUDA kernels to walk you through some of the nuances of CUDA based signal-processing, I hope I can atone for my sins by discussing a few GPGPU ...

posted by Shehrzad Qureshi on Jan 20 2010 under GPGPU 
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Greetings dear readers and welcome to my inaugural blog posting!  I'm new to this blogging thing so I hope there is a grace period while I get acclimated.  Before I jump into the meat of thi...

posted by Shehrzad Qureshi on Jan 15 2010 under Academia / Research | GPGPU 
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