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Stephane Boucher's DSP Blog

Stephane Boucher
Stephane is a DSP engineer and the publisher of, and

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Code Snippets Section Now LIVE

The new code sharing section is now live and can be accessed HERE.   Please take a few minutes to rate and/or comment the snippets that you have the expertise to judge. If you think of some code sn...

posted by Stephane Boucher on Nov 2 2010 under DSPRelated 
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New Code Sharing Section & Reward Program for Contributors!

UPDATE (11/02/2010): The code section is now live. UPDATE 2 (01/31/2011): The reward program has changed.  A flat fee of $20 per code snippet submitted will now be paid.   _______________ ...

posted by Stephane Boucher on Oct 15 2010 under DSPRelated 
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50,000th Member Announced!

In my last post, I wrote that was about to reach the 50,000 members mark.  Well, I am very happy to announce that it happened during the holidays, and the lucky person is Charlie T...

posted by Stephane Boucher on Jan 11 2010 under DSPRelated 
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Almost 50,000 Members!

I am very happy to announce that will reach the 50,000 registered members mark before the end of 2009. To celebrate this milestone, I will buy a BMW 5 to the 50,000th person to register...

posted by Stephane Boucher on Nov 26 2009 under DSPRelated 
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DSPRelated faster than ever!

if you are visiting on a regular basis, you should observe that the site loads significantly faster in your browser than it used to, especially if you are in Europe or in Asia.  Th...

posted by Stephane Boucher on Mar 2 2009 under DSPRelated 
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New Papers / Theses Section

The new 'Papers & Theses' section is now online: idea is to list and organize in one place as many DSP related dissertations (PhD & Masters) and pa...

posted by Stephane Boucher on Mar 21 2008 under DSPRelated 
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New Blog Section!

By now, chances are you have noticed the new blogs section (you are actually in it right now!). Following an email I sent to the members of the site, a few weeks ago, asking for dsp engineers willi...

posted by Stephane Boucher on Sep 19 2007 under DSPRelated 
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New Discussion Group: DSP & FPGA

I have just created a new discussion group for engineers implementing DSP functions on FPGAs. The creation of this group has been on my todo list for a long time. If you want to join the group, send ...

posted by Stephane Boucher on Sep 11 2007 under DSPRelated 
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