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Python scipy.signal IIR Filter Design Cont.

In the previous post the Python scipy.signal iirdesign function was disected.  We reviewed the basics of filter specification and reviewed how to use the iirdesign function to design IIR filter...

posted by Christopher Felton on Jun 19 2012 under Basics | Python 
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Python scipy.signal IIR Filter Design

Introduction The following is an introduction on how to design an infinite impulse response (IIR) filters using the Python scipy.signal package.  This post, mainly, covers how to use the scipy...

posted by Christopher Felton on May 13 2012 under Basics | Python 
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Instant CIC

Summary: A floating point model for a CIC decimator, including the frequency response. Description: A CIC filter relies on a peculiarity of its fixed-point implementation: Normal operation involves...

posted by Markus Nentwig on May 8 2012 under Matlab | Basics | Tips and Tricks 
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Curse you, iPython Notebook!

  First, I think ipython is great. I use it daily and always have an ipython terminal open.  But just recently, I was showing off the ipython 0.12 notebook and in the process created a ...

posted by Christopher Felton on May 1 2012 under Basics | Python 
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[Book Review] Numpy 1.5 Beginner's Guide

Full Disclosure: The publisher of this book, PACKT, was soliciting reviewers.  I volunteered to review the book and the publisher sent me an e-version of the book. Introduction The followin...

posted by Christopher Felton on Jan 7 2012 under Basics | Python 
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Design study: 1:64 interpolating pulse shaping FIR

This article is the documentation to a code snippet that originated from a discussion on comp.dsp. The task is to design a root-raised cosine filter with a rolloff of a=0.15 that interpolates to 64x...

posted by Markus Nentwig on Dec 26 2011 under Matlab | Basics | Multirate DSP 
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Python number crunching faster? Part I

Everyone has their favorite computing platform, regardless if it is Matlab, Octave, Scilab, Mathematica, Mathcad, etc.  I have been using Python and the common numerical and scientific packages a...

posted by Christopher Felton on Sep 17 2011 under Matlab | Basics | DSP on the Web | Python 
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Bank-switched Farrow resampler

Bank-switched Farrow resampler Summary A modification of the Farrow structure with reduced computational complexity.Compared to a conventional design, the impulse response is broken into a higher nu...

posted by Markus Nentwig on Aug 13 2011 under Matlab | Basics | Multirate DSP 
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A Fixed-Point Introduction by Example

Introduction The finite-word representation of fractional numbers is known as fixed-point.  Fixed-point is an interpretation of a 2's compliment number usually signed but not limited...

posted by Christopher Felton on Apr 25 2011 under FPGA | Basics | Tutorial 
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Implementing a full-duplex UART using the TMS320VC33 serial port

Although the TMS320VC33 serial port was designed to be used as a synchronous port, it can also be used as an asynchronous port under software control. This post describes the hardware and software nee...

posted by Manuel Herrera on Mar 16 2011 under Basics | Tips and Tricks | Communication 
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