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FFTw - Manually regenerating the original signal

Ted Lyngmo - 2015-07-07 17:16:00
Hi! I'm totally new to FT:s (obviosly) and don't know much of the math involved. I have a real input signal (Fs=44100) which I've transformed to a complex and I was hoping to be able to regene...FFTw - Manually regenerating the original signal

Google, man, and ape [6 articles]

RichD - 2015-07-07 15:31:00
What, no comments on the recent Google Image Recognition flap? You know, which identified a pair of black hominids as gorillas - It's funny, but even funnier, and astonishing, is that Google ...Google, man, and ape

hann window for PAPR reduction

theresajc - 2015-07-07 09:23:00
I'm using hann windowing for PAPR reduction. After windowing the peak value and average value of signal reduces and overall PAPR increases after dividing peak value with average value.what should i d...hann window for PAPR reduction

Entropy before and after Huffmann coding vs. channel capacity [10 articles]

qfran - 2015-07-06 12:19:00
Dear all, please help me to interpret some strange(?) behaviour of Huffmann coding and entropy. Let me explain it at an example: Consider a source emitting four symbols x1-x4 with probabilities P(x1...Entropy before and after Huffmann coding vs. channel capacity

IEEE802.11a Matlab Simulation

ahmed1984 - 2015-07-04 15:58:00
Hi, I would like to simulate IEEE802.11a WLAN over a Rayleigh multipath channel using Matlab and I'm dealing with the function "h=rayleighchan(ts,fd,tau,pdb). I'm really confusing about the sample ...IEEE802.11a Matlab Simulation

Reed-Solomon FEC necessary to have the same characteristic for symbols and words? [5 articles]

lrq3000 - 2015-07-02 12:58:00
Hi there, I have implemented an almost "universal" (read: compatible with most other decoders output) Reed-Solomon codec. I feel like I have a good intuitive grasp on the whole codec, except for on...Reed-Solomon FEC necessary to have the same characteristic for symbols and words?

hamming window overlap #2 [2 articles]

mavavilj - 2015-07-01 16:22:00
Continuing an old post regarding Hamming window overlaps: The first answer gives: "a 50% overlap would give a sum of 1.08". If I wis...hamming window overlap #2

Find periodicity of a signal [6 articles]

sia4uin - 2015-07-01 16:16:00
Hello All I have two signals and I want to know which signal is more periodic than other. My approach: 1. Make both signals zero mean. 2. Take FFT of both signals. 3. Take sum of squared value...Find periodicity of a signal

How to plot S-Curve for TED ? [3 articles]

Eshwar varma - 2015-07-01 11:54:00
hi all , I simulated OQpsk modulated data which has 4 samples per symbol (bas= e band). I also simulated the squaring and differentiating based Timing err= or detector .Now i want to know h...How to plot S-Curve for TED ?

kelly lochbaum closed mouth

sonoro - 2015-06-30 07:28:00
Trying to implement kelly lochbaum for vocal tract I have a problem to represent closed mouth: 0 area gives a k=1, (total reflection of presure wave seems ok to me) but 1+k=2 means pressure is not 0 i...kelly lochbaum closed mouth
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