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Comp.dsp is a worldwide Usenet news group that is used to discuss various aspects of digital signal processing.

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OT, plea for money, but worthwhile IMHO [3 articles]

Tim Wescott - 2014-10-31 23:49:00
If you want to be part of something high (as opposed to big): -- Tim Wescott Wescott Design Services ...OT, plea for money, but worthwhile IMHO

Gibbs [17 articles]

2014-10-31 23:15:00
So you model a square wave by the sum of sine waves. Suppose you take 5 or = 6 and get the classic Gibbs phenomena. Now suppose that you know exactly wh= ere the 5th or 6th harmonic is and take the ...Gibbs

decimation and resolution [4 articles]

alb - 2014-10-31 19:19:00
Hi everyone, I have an encoder which is delivering 22bit data for a 360 rotation. The rotation is accomplished in ~800ms but the serial link from the encoder is running such that we will sample...decimation and resolution

magnitude first then filter [7 articles]

cmbeck_2008 - 2014-10-31 12:38:00
In order to reduce the micro requirement I would prefer to first calculate the magnitude from 3 x accelerometer signals then do the filtering. Is there any good reason not to other than the small non ...magnitude first then filter

Newbee question: FFT to total signal power [22 articles]

Cranisch - 2014-10-31 12:32:00
Hello everyone, I have a maybe quite easy question but I got stuck there. So hopefully you can help solving it for me. From a measured power signal (I am not able to have the original one) I ha...Newbee question: FFT to total signal power

Minimal DSP for video transcoding

Xata - 2014-10-30 17:15:00
Hello. I am new to DSP, even more - i am not even in DSP theme at the moment. Problem is - i need to transcode video from 12mbps MPEG2 to any other format, that will need less bps. In realtime. For ...Minimal DSP for video transcoding

Inertial Navigation [2 articles]

2014-10-29 15:08:00
I suppose we could talk Kalman filters, but no, something more practical. When we sent to the moon and came back, we must have aligned the gyros on the moon. What reference did we use and how accur...Inertial Navigation

carrier detection [12 articles]

Lanarcam - 2014-10-28 23:10:00
I am not an expert in DSP, in fact I know some of the theory but I have never really written a DSP program. I must write one in order to detect the presence of a carrier signal (either 2222Hz or ...carrier detection

Calculating magnitude of FFT result [14 articles]

Robd - 2014-10-28 15:41:00
Hi, I hope this is the correct forum for such a question. I am writing some DSP code that runs on a 32 bit CPU for the purpose of analysing vibration in a machine. I am acquiring samples from an ac...Calculating magnitude of FFT result

Linear phase vs Min. Phase [34 articles]

Max - 2014-10-24 14:50:00
I noticed a post about 'pre-ring' here recently (couldn't find the thread again), and I'm trying to follow up to figure the implications to audio systems. Web searches turn up conflicting info regar...Linear phase vs Min. Phase
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