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Comp.dsp is a worldwide Usenet news group that is used to discuss various aspects of digital signal processing.

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Re: hi,all, How to avoid this Linking...warning below?

Bhooshan Iyer - 2006-03-01 07:02:00
Bhaskar-- > > ,so I try to modify the "*.ldf"file ,but not useful . > > > > thank you. > > You are trying to stuff more memory than you have allocated. > Either allocate more memory (if yo...Re: hi,all, How to avoid this Linking...warning below?

Re: VisualDSP++: How to tell compiler to place array in external memory?

Bhooshan Iyer - 2006-03-01 06:29:00
PPJ-- > I have another idea for TI DSP. > I declare a pointer wihch points to an address mapped to the external > ram. > as follwing code > > #define external_addr 0x400000 > unsigned char *...Re: VisualDSP++: How to tell compiler to place array in external memory?

Re: TI DSP cross-reference

Bhooshan Iyer - 2006-03-01 06:23:00
> Hi...I haven't had time to read the FAQ and I apologize if my post is > off topic. > > I'm trying to cross-reference a Texas Instruments DSP (D741667APGF) to > a stock TI DSP. Has anyone heard ...Re: TI DSP cross-reference

Re: Hands on DSP books

Bhooshan Iyer - 2005-11-18 12:19:00
> > Hi, > are there any good books out there that actually explain how to implement > DSP in C. In particular I am interested how to caluculated FIR/IIR filter > coeffiencents and window them in...Re: Hands on DSP books

Re: Cache configuration in TMS320C6455

Bhooshan Iyer - 2005-11-11 02:41:00
> Hi , > > I would like to introduce myself as Arpitha from Hermes Networks. > What the heck! Can you atleast not start another thread for your junk? (I have stronger insults in my head but...Re: Cache configuration in TMS320C6455

Re: first post - first trick

Bhooshan Iyer - 2005-11-10 23:56:00
> I'm not familiar with the TI DSPs, but you can do it on the ADI > floating-point DSPs. There is a specific instruction to shift the > exponent of floating-point numbers - a reason to switch to ADI...Re: first post - first trick

Re: HPI towards PowerPC host (running Linux)

Bhooshan Iyer - 2005-11-08 10:45:00
> Hi, > > I was wandering if somebody has already experience with the HPI (Host port > interface) of a C64xx DSP connected to a PowerPC host processor which is > running Linux? Try searching f...Re: HPI towards PowerPC host (running Linux)

Re: Selling a design

Bhooshan Iyer - 2005-10-25 15:33:00
Jake-- > Are there any dsp companies that will buy a privately developed digital > filter design/algorithm? > > Positive responses only please. And if all you can say is "it depends", > save ...Re: Selling a design

Re: How to detect JTAG is connected or not

Bhooshan Iyer - 2005-10-21 00:33:00
> How to detect from the CPU wheather JTAG Is connected or not > Thanks > SM Which CPU? The under-debug embedded processor's CPU or the semi-hosting PC's CPU? If it is the latter, the answer is ...Re: How to detect JTAG is connected or not

Holding one's silence.

Bhooshan Iyer - 2005-10-20 05:43:00
Dear All-- How does one control the urge from posting in threads and discussion where one does not have any real expertise? Is it a real art? Or is it science? --Bhooshan This message was s...Holding one's silence.
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