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Comp.dsp is a worldwide Usenet news group that is used to discuss various aspects of digital signal processing.

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AES encryption on DSP56300 DSP

howy - 2005-11-04 13:59:00
Hello all, Does any one have (or is willing to sell) assembly code for the AES encryption standard that runs on a 56300 series DSP? I have C source code for it, but I dont have time to port it t...AES encryption on DSP56300 DSP

Can QDMA be paused by the CPU (TI, 67xx)

howy - 2004-11-11 18:18:00
Hi folks, On a TI c6713 DSP I have the QDMA sending a few Mbytes per second (a few kbytes per transfer) of data from SDRAM to a hard drive periodically. Each QDMA data transfer lasts longer tha...Can QDMA be paused by the CPU (TI, 67xx)

Re: same project, ccs2.1 build ok, ccs2.2 build dead

howy - 2004-09-13 14:42:00
> using -o3 optimization option, it can be successfully built. But if I > use CCS2.2 and the same build options, the build process cannot finish I have seen this also. On one large *.cpp file I...Re: same project, ccs2.1 build ok, ccs2.2 build dead

Re: 6711 DSK install

howy - 2004-08-18 17:13:00
> I tried installing CCS V2.0 and 2.1 SDK on my PC and then discovered > that I could only type strange accented characters and that when I I have CCS running on a Win98 laptop and a few Win XP ...Re: 6711 DSK install

Re: TI CCS question

howy - 2004-06-04 13:08:00
> I've noticed the CCS takes up close to 100% of CPU time when the DSP is > running. Is this because of the CCS/CPU emulating the DSP? I disabled RTDX and turnded off "Real Time Analysys" and "...Re: TI CCS question

Re: Why use cache on a DSP? (c6x specifically)

howy - 2004-01-06 19:03:00
> bothering me: the Program/Data cache. What good is a data-cache when I > have to set my parameters (ie buffersize, numtaps, ect) for the worst I am writing code on a C6713 for a hard disk audi...Re: Why use cache on a DSP? (c6x specifically)

Re: C6711 runs too slow (ext. RAM) - help needed

howy - 2003-10-08 11:49:00
> My C6711, which runs on a custom board, runs way too slow. > My peripherals include one asynchronous device (a PAL) and one SDRAM. > Michael Kedem I woud like to know more about this too. I ...Re: C6711 runs too slow (ext. RAM) - help needed