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Comp.dsp is a worldwide Usenet news group that is used to discuss various aspects of digital signal processing.

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Addition Algorithm

Gie78 - 2008-11-27 17:29:00
Hi all, My DSP does not support a 64bit + 64bit = 64bit addition, it only supports a 32bit + 32bit = 32bit or a 32bit + 40bit = 40bit addition. Does anybody know a fast and smart algorithm to co...Addition Algorithm

time synchronization

gie78 - 2007-04-19 17:31:00
Hi all, does anybody know an algorithm for time synchronization between a GPP and a DSP? The GPP has to be the time master. This means that you can only adjust the DSP time to the GPP time. Al...time synchronization

Cache problems on TI C6416 DSP

gie78 - 2006-11-03 15:17:00
Hi all, I am using the C6416 fixpoint dsp from TI. My currently usecase is as follow. The SDRAM is connected to EMIFA CE0. A Blockram is connected on EMIFA CE1. The L2 memory is configured is 256...Cache problems on TI C6416 DSP

EMIF Speed

gie78 - 2006-09-25 18:04:00
Hi all, I'm working with the C64xx DSP from TI and trying to interface a blockram within the attached FPGA by using the EMIF. It is a 16 Bit interface. The FPGA is attched to CE1 and CE2 Space. T...EMIF Speed

TI C64xx DSP EMIF Load

gie78 - 2006-09-21 11:54:00
Hi all, I am currently working with the emif module on a C64xx DSP. The SDRAM is attached to CE0 address space and clocked with 100MHz all memory accesses are 32Bit accesses. The CE1 and CE2 addr...TI C64xx DSP EMIF Load

MEM_Alloc TI

gie78 - 2006-01-19 15:15:00
Hi I posted a similar question a few days ago and got a good answer. But there is still one thing I don`t understand, maybe anybody could help me again. My problem is still the segID. In some ...MEM_Alloc TI

Re: TI C6726 MEM_alloc ??segid??

gie78 - 2006-01-18 02:35:00
Thanks for the immediate reply. It works fine. I found another manual about DSP/BIOS "SPRU423" with an small example. But I think I will report it to TI, anyway. Markus mlimber schrieb: >...Re: TI C6726 MEM_alloc ??segid??


Gie78 - 2005-04-30 09:23:00
First of all thanks for the explanation. I want to implement a feedforward method, is there a more detailed explanation of the correlation problem at Kuo and Morgan "Active noise control Systems". ...filtered-x-LMS

filtered - x - LMS

Gie78 - 2005-04-29 09:04:00
Thanks for your prompt reply. When I insert an delay into the primary path the result would be much better. OK I think this problem is known as "causality problem". And the crosscorrelation between...filtered - x - LMS

filtered - x - LMS

Gie78 - 2005-04-29 02:45:00
Hi, some days before I asked you something about the LMS and the NLMS. Now I am would take one step forward to the FXLMS. I have achieved very good results in signal attenuation with the NLMS ...filtered - x - LMS
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