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Matlab - DSP - Digital Signal Processing - PhD Theses

In this section, our goal is to keep a comprehensive and organised list of DSP related documents (papers, theses, etc) available for free on the web. Most of the documents are available in pdf format, so you'll need a pdf reader to view them. Add a document to the list.

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Autocorrelation sidelobes are a form of self-noise that reduce the effectiveness of phase coding in radar and communi- cation systems. The merit factor is a well-known measure related to the auto...

PhD Thesis added to the directory on Sep 19 2014 under Matlab 
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Biosignal processing challenges in emotion recognition for adaptive learning - 2010

Author(s): Aniket Vartak

User-centered computer based learning is an emerging field of interdisciplinary research. Research in diverse areas such as psychology, computer science, neuroscience and signal processing is making c...

PhD Thesis added to the directory on Nov 3 2010 under Digital Filters | Fourier Transform | Matlab 
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Acoustic emission analysis for quality assessment of thermally sprayed coatings - 2009

Author(s): Nadimul Haque Faisal

This study describes a new approach to the quality assessment of thermally sprayed carbide and ceramic coatings produced by High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) and Air Plasma Spray (APS) processes. The aim ...

PhD Thesis added to the directory on Oct 21 2010 under Adaptive Signal Processing | Fourier Transform | Matlab 
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Through-Wall Imaging with UWB Radar System - 2009

Author(s): Ing. Michal Aftanas, PhD.

Motivation: A man was interested in knowing of unknown from the very beginning of the human history. Our human eyes help us to investigate our environment by reflection of light. However, wavelengt...

PhD Thesis added to the directory on Jan 13 2010 under Matlab | Image Processing | Digital Filters | Adaptive Signal Processing 
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Entrainment: Adaptive Feedback Cancelling Electro-Acoustic System Dynamics - 2007

Author(s): Lalin Theverapperuma

Adaptive feedback cancellation is a common method of cancelling acoustic feedback in a variety of electro-acoustic systems. The time varying acoustic feedback leakage paths can only be eliminated wi...

PhD Thesis added to the directory on Jun 5 2009 under Theory | Matlab | Digital Filters | Audio - Sound - Acoustics | Adaptive Signal Processing 
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