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1.2Kbps version of MELP Speech Coder..?   [3 Articles]

Khubaib - Jun 15 2004
Hi! I want to know about the 1.2Kbps MELP Speech Coder. Actually, 2.4Kbps MELP is available. But, i want to know about the 1.2KBps version. There is a paper avail... 1.2Kbps version of MELP Speech Coder..?

transmitting phase spectrum in MELP?   [3 Articles]

Ilya Druker - Jun 29 2005
Ladies & Gentlemen I encountered the problem of transmission of music by MELP codec. MELP is intended for coding human speech, so it is not surprising that the quality ... transmitting phase spectrum in MELP?

melp synthesis silence output   [4 Articles]
0 - Jul 11 2007
Hi, I am using a codec with sampling frequency of 32KHz, I am decimating the input to get 8KHz frequency. These samples are then fed into the MELP Analysis. The ouput of melp anal... melp synthesis silence output

Re: [Fwd: ask help]   [3 Articles]

Jeff Brower - Feb 11 2004
Sara Lyme- > i like to know what is the characteristic of the input signal that > i will used in melp program (format ,frequency ,bit,mono )and i > know that m... Re: [Fwd: ask help]

Download source code of MELP coders   [2 Articles]
0 - Jun 21 2006
Hi I want download a standard MELP coder (2400 bps). Can you show me where I can do that. thanks ... Download source code of MELP coders

reading the MELP bitstream   [4 Articles]
0 - Aug 30 2008
Good day! I'm supposed to do some experiments on this particular wideband speech coder that we're developing at our laboratory. I'm supposed to verify this certain paper dealin... reading the MELP bitstream

Information About MELP

gw8912 - Mar 3 2002
Hi...all Does anyone research this kind of codec? I can't understand the part of multi-quantization Can any one have standard or reports of the MELP? Thank you ... Information About MELP

MELP: peakiness thresholds

Ilya Druker - Jul 21 2005
Ladies & Gentlemen The additional criterion for voicing measure in MELP is peakiness. For r=1.4 the voicing in the first band is set 1 (strong voicing), for r=1.6 the v... MELP: peakiness thresholds

CELP/MELP   [2 Articles]

anona_ahmed - Sep 21 2005
hi all: i have a speech file 8KHZ and 16bit/ sample, 128kbps. what's the convenient CELP algorithm for this bit rate for the best quality. where can i find the souce... CELP/MELP

test sequences for MELP

Eli Britstein - Jun 30 2003
Hi all, Is there a standard of test sequences for the MELP vocoder ? If so, where could I find them ? Thanks, Eli. ... test sequences for MELP

1200 Bit/Sec MELP

shahram heidari - Aug 24 2006
Dear All, I am looking for MELP 1200 Bit/Sec Fixed Point C and/or TI, Motorola, ADI source code to purchase in order to applay in Fleet Managment project. Any help in this r... 1200 Bit/Sec MELP

MELP coder TMS320C6711 DSP

- Jan 2 2001
Hello I'm interested in details for the MELP coder algorithm. I'd like to know if anyone has implemented this coder in real time, especially on the TI DSP?. ... MELP coder TMS320C6711 DSP

Test Vectors for MELP Vocoder...   [2 Articles]

Khubaib - Mar 18 2005
Dear members! I need different test vectors (preferably standard test vectors) for testing MELP 2400bps voice coding standard. I am in the process of impl... Test Vectors for MELP Vocoder...

Re: MELP Algorithm IP
0 - Mar 7 2007
> > > > Phil- > > > I tracked this down a few years ago.... > > > > The MELP patents were sold to ASPI, which was purchased by Polycom. You must ... Re:  MELP Algorithm IP

MELP 2400 bps to 1200 bps

- May 14 2002
Pls could anyone let me know how i could convertthe standard MELP 2400 bps to 1200 bps? Thanks! saman kamal ... MELP 2400 bps to 1200 bps

;( help me. (MELP) ( multi stage vector quantization)   [6 Articles]

mojtaba mahdavi - Sep 14 2003
Hi dear all. I am doing a project on MELP. Now I want to undrestand Multi Stage Vector quantization. But I cant find a good text on it. Does any body... ;( help me. (MELP) ( multi stage vector quantization)

Sub 2400bps coding   [2 Articles]

- Sep 21 2001
Does anyone have any recommendations on speech coding algorithms <2400bps? I need a low data rate codec for an amateur radio experiment I'm planning. I've been look... Sub 2400bps coding

Test vectors for MELP and G.723 vocoders

Khubaib - Nov 30 2004
Dear all ! I want to have any standard or GOOD test vectors for voice coders like MELP and G.723.1. Where can i find them.?. Is there a way for noise analys... Test vectors for MELP and G.723 vocoders

Why specifying MIPS for speech encoding performance..?   [5 Articles]

Khubaib - Feb 25 2004
hi I have seen at many places (e.g. commercial audio products employing standard audio codecs) that this algorithm takes that many MIPS on this processor. e.g. ME... Why specifying MIPS for speech encoding performance..?

MELP Algorithm IP   [4 Articles]

plsymonds - Mar 8 2005
Hi All, I am busy looking into the MELP algorithm and as Texas Instruments has intellectual property rights on the algorithm I am interested in find... MELP Algorithm IP

Need info about the MELP bitstream format..?   [3 Articles]

Khubaib - Feb 24 2004
Dear membes I need to know the bitstream format of the MELP's 54 bit frame.?. I know what are the different bits (the number of bits for different parameters) in ... Need info about the MELP bitstream format..?

RE: Urgent Help Needed on CELP

ied1970r - May 16 2004
(Sorry, this messsage can appear twice in this newsgroup because of Yahoo). CELP is the name for the family of the speech coders based on analysis-by-synthesis... RE: Urgent Help Needed on CELP

Download Standard speech coders
0 - Jun 20 2006
Hi I want to download a source code (in c/c++ or c#) standards speech coders (MELP, ACELP, AMR_WB,...). Can you show me where I can do that. Thanks ... Download Standard speech coders

Low Bit Rate Coding   [3 Articles]

- Nov 8 1999
Hi , I would like to convert Melp 2400 bps(Ver. 1.2) to 1200 bps for my academic thesis,Please could any one send me any idea ,comments or source code as soon ... Low Bit Rate Coding

{need help}getting start to LPC coding   [2 Articles]

mojtaba mahdavi - Aug 19 2003
Hi all dears. I am doing a project on vocoders[MELP]. But I am new to this field and I have not much time to go around. NOW Can anybody suggest me some th... {need help}getting start to LPC coding

Need help with MELP

zainmehtab108 - May 12 2009
Hi! I am an undergraduate student and my instructor has assigned me the semester project of implementation of the M.E.L.P. codec on MATLAB. I have no clue as to how it works. Can a... Need help with MELP

standard speech coder   [3 Articles]

mouloud Djamah - Dec 12 2007
Hi I am looking for source code (C/C++) standard speech coder (FS MELP, ACELP, AMR_NB,....) to download or to buy. Is there official web site where I download them (for free or ... standard speech coder

about fractional pitch search of melp
0 - Dec 15 2008
hi all I'm learning MELP source code.I am not able to understand the fractional pitch search algorithm in function Shortword frac_pch(Shortword sig_in[],Shortword *pcorr,Short... about fractional pitch search of melp

Difference between voiced and unvoiced frame.?   [4 Articles]

Khubaib - Feb 27 2004
HI I want to know the difference between the voiced and unvoiced frame in context of the MELP 2.4 kbps codec, (and other codecs as well). What encoder does in cas... Difference between voiced and unvoiced frame.?

robust low bit rate codec   [2 Articles]

zhaohanwu - Sep 23 2005
I'm looking for a robust LP method in noisy environment (around 0dB), which method can get better LP coefficient in harsh noisy background. here is one method named "WLS... robust low bit rate codec

0 - Oct 18 2005
Dear all: 1. I need CELP / MELP source code or program compatible with windows OS. 2. I am implementing a datahiding technique (echo data hiding technique) using simulink... celp/fastica/simulink

Re: GSM half rate coder   [5 Articles]

Jeff Brower - Sep 16 2002
B V Harsha- Try searching Google for "MELP". Surprisingly good MOS scores from 1200 bps through 4000 bps. Jeff Brower DSP sw/hw engineer Signalogic ... Re:  GSM half rate coder

Re: about waveform interpolation

- Jan 17 2002
It can certainly be done - I think it is more a question of sound quality (intelligibility / speaker recognition / artifacts). At 600bps I doubt you will achieve sp... Re: about waveform interpolation

TMS C6711 speech coding   [2 Articles]

omar nasr - Feb 16 2004
Hello all, I tried for long time to implement the CELP "FS1016" on TMS320C6711, I tried for mmore than 3 weeks but I failed!!!, then I tried to use MELP which use ... TMS C6711 speech coding

Re: waveform interpolation   [2 Articles]

Ilya Druker - Oct 1 2003
I think nobody will send you the code of WI since now it is a commercial secret. About Choy's coder. In the site of McGill University Choy publishes the demo f... Re: waveform interpolation

[Fwd: Re: Urgent Help Needed on CELP]

Jeff Brower - May 11 2004
Dai, B. James- Add... MELP --> Mixed Excitation Linear Prediction -Jeff -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Re: [speechcoding] Urgent H... [Fwd: Re:  Urgent Help Needed on CELP]

About MSVQ design codebook

mouloud Djamah - Jul 28 2008
Hi I have questions and I hope that someone will reply me. - I Know that for SVQ (Split vector quantization) design codebook for LSF (line spectral frequencies) quantization... About MSVQ design codebook

1.9kbps codec implementation

Syed Moinuddin - Feb 20 2001
Hi i have stumbled across a website where there is a 1.9kbps codec is given . it is 1.9kbps zinc based codec u can download paper at htt... 1.9kbps codec implementation

Re: Pitch problems

Ilya Druker - Mar 9 2005
1. - 2. It seems that for better estimation of pitch in the following formula for calculation of normalized correlation it is useful to window the signal... Re: Pitch problems

Re: DOD LPC 10 standar

- Jul 19 1999
Dear Eric, You can download the (public domain) C source code for the LPC10 (FS1015) in several sites, as long as other FS standards (CELP FS1016 and MELP FS10... Re: DOD LPC 10 standar
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