The size of an FIR filter for PDM-PCM conversion

Started by caduk84 1 year ago15 replieslatest reply 10 months ago536 views
I have been trying to understand how the conversion from PDM to PCM happens so that I could interface with a microphone. I have been doing some research online and...

Low-pass filter image data

Started by Tim Wescott 10 months ago11 replieslatest reply 10 months ago128 views
I have some image data that I want to smooth out, but I want it to smooth out nicely to the edges.Fourier transforms wouldn't do this without windowing -- if you...

Multi-filter Parks McClellan algorithm

Started by woodpecker 10 months ago13 replieslatest reply 10 months ago153 views
Hi everyone,  There are of course, many situations where the design of a single linear-phase FIR filter may be accomplished using the Parks McClellan algorithm....

Autocorrelation of OFDM Signal ?..

Started by alexsunny123 10 months ago3 replieslatest reply 10 months ago126 views
Hello,I have captured OFDM I-Q data at IF. I have down-converted to it to base-band and then simply performed autocorrleation. I was trying to find a clear peak...

hardware FFT coefficients .vs. np.numpy.fft.rfft

Started by Justinm 10 months ago13 replieslatest reply 10 months ago275 views
We have a FPGA system which takes input from an ADC and calculates a FFT. The system identifies the location of our frequencies of interest and sends the coefficients...

PMCW Radar for cars

Started by adaptivefilter 10 months ago5 replieslatest reply 10 months ago453 views
Hello.Does anybody working in the automotive radar sector know and can tel me if Phase Modulated Continuous Wave Radar is gaining popularity for mm-wave car radars...

LTE delay measurement resolution?

Started by kaz 10 months ago5 replieslatest reply 10 months ago80 views
Hi All, I am trying to model a well-known delay measurement algorithm in LTE Prach. Let me put it in simpler terms. The mobile user (UE) generates a signal of length...

Communication between ARM and DSP

Started by alvin6 10 months ago9 replieslatest reply 10 months ago401 views
Hi all,I am a newbie to DSP. Now our company wants to develop a product combine ARM & DSP. At the beginning, we were thinking about to use TI's am57x or keystone series...
I am on chapter 3. On page 77 the equation approximating the amplitude response of DFT for real  cosine input with k cycles over the sampled input time sequence...

PLL fun : some personnal work that I'd like to share

Started by pylessard 10 months ago10 replieslatest reply 10 months ago190 views
A year ago, I've started working on some interactive apps to help visualize some engineering concepts that may be difficult to grasp for a beginner. I thought this...

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