Frequency estimation in between the bins ...

Started by CLanger 7 months ago10 replieslatest reply 7 months ago164 views
DSP Gurus:I am looking for some direction. I am working on a FMCW radar project. I have the IQ mixer sampling, zero padding, windowing and FFT all working. My problem...

Sign of the magnitude difference

Started by sudarshan_onkar 9 months ago20 replieslatest reply 7 months ago133 views
Hi ,            Consider two complex numbers  Z1 and Z2 and the following definition of  magnitude difference |z1| - |z2| --------- (1)   First compute...
Hello,I have published an article on Matlab on common mistakes in subband adaptive filtering.

Signal Generation methods and alternatives

Started by PSG_ 7 months ago7 replieslatest reply 7 months ago135 views
Hi all, I am doing a study in which I want to compare some different methods for signal generation and also detection.  I am trying to achieve the following:1....

FIR filter shortening technique

Started by MahmoodAburomoh 8 months ago6 replieslatest reply 8 months ago149 views
Hello all,   It's my first participation here. Greetings ! I'm having an FIR filter with 1024 taps which represents a channel. I would like to find and equivalent...

OFF TOPIC: A Question About PI

Started by Rick Lyons 8 months ago33 replieslatest reply 8 months ago185 views
Hi. Is the teacher in the following video correct in saying that every number is contained within the digits of pi?

Fixed point exponentiation

Started by andrewstanfordjason 8 months ago16 replieslatest reply 8 months ago290 views
I have a need to raise two to the power of a fixed point number, for example 2**(Q31(-0.4)). Does anyone know an efficient way this I can implement this to a reasonable...

ICI avoidance in OFDM

Started by Mannai_Murali 8 months ago8 replieslatest reply 8 months ago102 views
In standards like DVB-T2 there is a iterative decoder to mitigate ICI.Since the effect of high doppler is to introduce ICI due to frequency offset why we can NOT...

Problems extracting phase of dual FFT

Started by Samp17 8 months ago4 replieslatest reply 8 months ago106 views
I am performing dual FFT analysis on a system. 1) I generate a Log Sine Sweep signal and save it as my reference array2) I then produce an inverse filter to correct...

Clock drift and compensation

Started by JhonMicky 8 months ago9 replieslatest reply 8 months ago132 views
Hello everyone,,I have  a system which has a tuner chip and DSP chip, both are clocked by independent xtals. Tuner gives the baseband samples to DSP, and tuner...

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