Creating your own dev board

Started by krk989 1 year ago8 replieslatest reply 1 year ago144 views
Hi everyone. I am an EE major working on my senior project and hope the experts here can lend some advice. My project entails the creation of a harmony effects...

DC Motor control system sampling rate

Started by johnpote 1 year ago4 replieslatest reply 1 year ago191 views
Hi all,I have a small permenant magnet DC motor to control with a small microcontroller. A quick measurement indicated it seems to have a 1st order response - that...

MathJax/Latex question

Started by ChuckMcM 2 years ago7 replieslatest reply 1 year ago126 views
Hi All,If this isn't the right place for this I apologize, I've tried a couple of other forums as well and I'm striking out.I'm trying to write Hoagenaur's equations...

split Hilberts

Started by jasontje32 1 year ago7 replieslatest reply 1 year ago143 views
I'm trying to get my arms around tradeoffs related to Hilbert filters in IQ SDR radio. It seems that split 45 deg filters can be inherently matched for performance...

Anything like a “shift delay”?

Started by tomtomdsp 1 year ago3 replieslatest reply 1 year ago140 views
We know that if the input signal is described by x(t) = a(t) cos(wt),then the output is y(t) = |H(jw)|a(t-groupdelay)cos(w(t-phasedelay))Now, what about if the input...

short time subband coding

Started by niloofar_omidi 1 year ago5 replieslatest reply 1 year ago82 views
Hello, I am implementing a subband ADPCM codec, Fs=16 kHz, frame length 3ms, band1=50Hz-2kHz, band2= 2kHz-8kHz. I used the FIR filter for subband coding and %50...


Started by sergs 1 year ago113 views
Our company is going to produce and sell LTE based devices in the US, so we have to pass a PTCRB/OTA testing to being allowed to work with American mobile operators....

Frequency planning in RF sampling ADCs

Started by amitjonak 1 year ago2 replieslatest reply 1 year ago128 views
I am trying to do some implementation on Xilinx ZCU111 RFSoC board. I am basically trying to send an OFDM signal and loop back to the processor and see its spectrum....

How to modulate PSK63 with liquiddsp?

Started by jbaudot 1 year ago76 views
I am trying to implement the BPSK-63 modulator using liuid dsp library.Here is my code:#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #include...

SPI Signal

Started by jasontje32 1 year ago4 replieslatest reply 1 year ago240 views
Hello Friends, I am new to this Forum, so first  of all greetings to all !I have an old Agilent system that has a detector and a DSP board. The signal is transmitted...

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