Dinner's ready!

Started by neirober 2 years ago4 replieslatest reply 2 years ago176 views
I may be the last one to know this trick, but if you turn on your computer speakers and type the following code in Matlab, it plays a gong sound: load gong.mat; sound(y) Silly,...

z-transform examples

Started by RoBoTBiLL 2 years ago7 replieslatest reply 2 years ago212 views
Hello! How to solve these signals in order to find the z-transform and ROC?Thanks in advance

DSP "digital complex limiter" "crest factor" - digital audio soft clipping

Started by deanpk 2 years ago28 replieslatest reply 2 years ago368 views
Hello - I read an old thread on how in some circumstances DSP deals with peak digital audio clipping.I have a question regarding how DSP processes clipped audio...

Design reverb filter

Started by RoBoTBiLL 2 years ago3 replieslatest reply 2 years ago144 views
Hello!I want to create a filter for reverb effect third degree.In order to create a filter for echo-effect I used this equation:I also know that to create the reverb...

IQ samples representing different communication systems

Started by Marcinstein 2 years ago1 replylatest reply 2 years ago148 views
Dear forum Members,I am looking for IQ samples data which represents signals for different communication systems i.e. WiFi, LTE, 3G, DVB-T, FM radio etc. Anyone...

BeagleBone AI

Started by jbrower 2 years ago2 replieslatest reply 2 years ago236 views
All-Has anyone used the BeagleBone AI yet ?  As you may know around 2016 time-frame Texas Inst purged their DSP roadmap and Signalogic was unable to convince them...

Matlab Basic Functions Reference (pdf)

Started by neirober 2 years ago6 replieslatest reply 2 years ago176 views
Matlab has posted a pdf document that lists basic functions.  Here is a link to the pdf.-- Neil

Spectrum monitoring - signal detection problem

Started by Marcinstein 2 years ago11 replieslatest reply 2 years ago157 views
Dear friends,I got a task where I have to monitor wide range of frequency spectrum (500 MHz). If any transmission happens in that band, I need to extract as much as...

Non-zero DFT components where zero is expected?

Started by bittersweet 2 years ago6 replieslatest reply 2 years ago152 views
This question has been asked before in but I am reposting it here because very few questions are answered on that site.Edit: I got a few replies...

Compressed Sensing in DOA estimation

Started by Luca_R 2 years ago112 views
I'm trying to apply the compressed sensing theory (CoSaMP algorithm) to the DOA estimation in FMCW ULA (made of 48 elements). In the dechirped signals processing...

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