Update to my last blog post

Started by neirober 1 month ago102 views
I made an update to my blog post:  "Model Signal Impairments at Complex Baseband".  I simplified the math for adding phase noise in section 3, and I updated...

What is the cost of a typical MSEE degree?

Started by Rick Lyons 1 month ago12 replieslatest reply 1 month ago129 views
Hi. Recently I received an e-mail from the Coursera online education web site announcing a new online Masters of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)...

Guaranteed stable sliding Goertzel implementation

Started by KimT 2 months ago16 replieslatest reply 2 months ago145 views
Is it possible that a Chamberlin state variable implementation of the Sliding Goertzel (SG) resonator provides a stable implementation without introducing a dampening...

What is cyclic frequency α?

Started by seanwelch 2 months ago6 replieslatest reply 2 months ago138 views
Hello everyone! I am trying to do my thesis and I have to do some signal processing. I have to do spectral correlation and I see a parameter α called cyclic frequency. valentines...

damping filter - finite stationary error

Started by max3031 2 months ago13 replieslatest reply 2 months ago83 views
Hi,I need to make a damping filter that will produce for the given input signal desired output.  In the desired output there is always some stationary error that...

FFmpeg Downsampling audio changes the spectral content

Started by Zeus101 2 months ago5 replieslatest reply 2 months ago97 views
Hi,I am new to the forum. Please pardon if I am not following forum rules. I am downsampling an audio using ffmpeg from 32KHz to 8Khz. The log frequency spectrogram...

Detecting the center frequency of a all-pass filtered sound

Started by pulpogarden 2 months ago6 replieslatest reply 2 months ago99 views
Hi,would it be possible to detect the center frequency at which an audio signal has been all-pass filtered from a recording of it? I assume that if you know the...

channel coding and puncturing

Started by Sharan123 2 months ago3 replieslatest reply 2 months ago71 views
with respect to puncturing associated with channel coding, I have a question.So, when a code word is punctured at the transmitted how does the receiver know the...

Extract pitch of irregular signal ?

Started by tunelabguy 3 months ago18 replieslatest reply 2 months ago129 views
I have tried both autocorrelation and a simple FFT power spectrum, but I cannot see how I can extract the tone of this audio signal: I...

amplitude of passband frequencies in FIR bandpass filter

Started by naumankalia 3 months ago9 replieslatest reply 2 months ago121 views
Hi allI wanted to generate broadband noise of specific amplitude for my simulations. To do so, i generated a random noise using MATLAB randn command and then design...

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