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Frequency Response Plot: swanalmainplot.m

Figure J.14 lists a Matlab script for plotting (in Fig.2.7) the overlay of the theoretical frequency response with that measured using simulated sine-wave analysis for the case of the simplest lowpass filter. It is written to run in the specific context of the matlab script listed in Fig.2.3 of §2.2. This is not a general-purpose ``utility'' because it relies on global variables defined in the calling script. This script is included only for completeness and is compatible with Matlab only.

Figure J.14: Matlab script for plotting overlay of theoretical frequency response with that measured using simulated sine-wave analysis.

% swanalmainplot.m
% Compare measured and theoretical frequency response.
% This script is invoked by swanalmainplot.m and family,
% and requires context set up by the caller.

figure(N+1); % figure number is arbitary

ttl = 'Amplitude Response';
freqplot(f,gains,'*k',ttl,'Frequency (Hz)','Gain');
tar = 2*cos(pi*f/fs); % theoretical amplitude response
hold on; freqplot(f,tar,'-k'); hold off;

ttl = 'Phase Response';
tpr = -pi*f/fs; % theoretical phase response
pscl = 1/(2*pi);% convert radian phase shift to cycles
freqplot(f,tpr*pscl,'-k',ttl,'Frequency (cycles)',...
	'Phase shift (cycles)');
hold on; freqplot(f,phases*pscl,'*k'); hold off;
saveplot(plotfile); % set by caller

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