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Well Posed PDEs for Modeling Damped Strings

A large class of well posed PDEs is given by [45]

$\displaystyle {\ddot y} + 2\sum_{k=0}^M q_k \frac{\partial^{2k+1}y}{\partial x^{2k}\partial t} + \sum_{k=0}^N r_k\frac{\partial^{2k}y}{\partial x^{2k}}. \protect$ (C.30)

Thus, to the ideal string wave equation Eq.$ \,$(C.1) we add any number of even-order partial derivatives in $ x$, plus any number of mixed odd-order partial derivatives in $ x$ and $ t$, where differentiation with respect to $ t$ occurs only once. Because every member of this class of PDEs is only second-order in time, it is guaranteed to be well posed, as shown in §D.2.2.

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