Communications/DSP Engineer

AstranisSan Francisco, CA, United States

Work with a small team of signal processing/communications engineers to develop and implement various radio functions (filtering, gain control, frequency tracking, digital upconversion/downconversion, linearization, timing and phase recovery, equalization, FEC, symbol mapping/demapping, framing, etc )

FPGA Engineer

AstranisSan Francisco, CA, United States

Design RTL for high data rate, software defined radios, work with state of the art Xilinx FPGAs and toolchains, interface FPGAs with high speed data converters, memories, MCUs, design, implement and test radiation mitigation schemes on FPGA Collaborate closely with DSP/radio algorithm designer

Design, simulate, implement, and measure passive/active RF sub-systems at microwave frequencies, including; LNAs, power amplifiers, up/down convertors, oscillators, etc, integrate these systems into the spacecraft by working closely with the rest of the team

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