Reply by SYL November 13, 20082008-11-13
On Nov 13, 7:11&#2013266080;am, Andor <> wrote:
> On 13 Nov., 08:11, wrote: > > > > > Too late, in my opinion. The clock-rate increase in the SHARC family > has been much too slow (100MHz in 1996, 450MHz in 2008) to make SHARCs > a serious contender for large- and medium-scale signal processing > hardwares. For small-scale applications, BLACKFINs or similar are > better suited.
Agreed. Despite how much love I have in Sharc, we have decided to use TI's c674x and OMAP L1x for our next line of products, and probably for all future development. SHARC is way more expensive, only has a tiny cache and has no dual core in the roadmap.