Reply by gdharmraj March 13, 20092009-03-13
We are using Code Composer Studio V3.3 for generating code for DSP
TMS320F28027, using CONTROL STICK hardware. 
We developed program for our application, tested using RAM, now we want to
check this using flash in stand alone system. so,  tried to program a
flash, there We are facing problem. Generating error target “halted
during flash operation flash operation aborted” 

So to verify the flash programming, the sample program blinking LED in
following directory: C:\tidcs\c28\Flash28_API\Flash2802x_API_V100\example
We tried to run; there also it is generating same error, 
To check working of flash a program, in following directory: C:\Texas
Instruments\Piccolo controlSTICK\Timer – BlinkingLED  
Also tried to run in flash, the steps are followed are as under: 

Step 1: I have opened the BlinkingLED.pjt
Step 2: I have kept the option as F2802x_FLASH
Step 3: I have make Rebuild All in the project
Step 4: It has Builded Successfully
Step 5: Then Tools->F28xx-on chip Flash Programmer
Step 6: click execute operation
Step 7: It has generating same error.

Can some body suggest how to program flash successfully,