Reply by rzaman April 9, 20092009-04-09
I've been trying to Erase, Program, verify a program (COFF file) using 
On-Chip flash
programmer of Code Composer studio. While doing that the following error 
message pops up:

"Flash API Error #14: Unknown Error during Flash operation"

In this case, all the options "under flash programmer settings...." are 
If the display diagnostics option is uncheked, then error message does not

pop up
and it seems the program is uploaded.  But if the proram is run setting a

break point the
following message comes out.

"The target will not be run as the breakpoint could not be moved to a
line at .......c line 65.
It has been disabled." Looks like erasing, programming, and 
verificationcannot be done using
on-chip flash programmer.

Any help to overcome the above problem would be greatly appreciated.

Related information:

Board: eZdsp320F2808 (Rev B)
CCS :  V3.1
Flash API V3.02
 (Both CCS and Flash API are obtained from Spectrum Digital)