Reply by leewave December 1, 20102010-12-01
Hi all,
  I am programming with dsplibC67x.lib on C6713 DSK. As everyone
knows, there are lots of bugs and special requirements in dsplibC67x
v2.0. For example, function DSPF_sp_mat_mul(float *x,int r1,int
c1,float *y,int c2,float *r) is used for matrix multiplication, but it
needs r1, c1, c2 >1. Unfortunately, I have to do a multiplication
(Mx1)x(1xN). What can I do to handle this? (I know do-not-use it is a
  I wonder if there is an available substitute for this dsplib? If I
rebuild dsplibC674x for C671x platforms, can it works well for C6713?
Is there still any restrictions (DSPF_sp_mat_mul() as an example)?
Thank you in advance.
Li Bo