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Are there any app notes about setting up a bootloader (CAN or rs232)
Anyone done this on list that wouldn't mind a question or two being
bounced off them?

Reply by rootesracer June 27, 20032003-06-27
I have looked all over the Mot site, and really havent seen much of
what I can use...

I found an application note that is for the DSP56F85X, also
an FAQ for doing development in CW in pure assembly. What I have in mind is to safely update firmware on a 56F803 or 5
so that if the serial link is disturbed during the update, that
the system isnt dead in the water.

What I proposed to myself is to place a bootstap routine into
serial memory (not big enough to hold the whole application),
then when commanded to do so, the application would take the bootstrap
from the serial memory, and write it to the boot memory of the DSP.
The DSP would be restarted, and would then allow a polled serial
transfer of the actual application.
After a 100% successfull transfer, the boot memory would then be
altered to erase the bootstrap, and program in the boot section
for the application.

The bootstrap would be written in assembly, and would not use
any interrupts to insure that the bootstrap is 100% free of
application dependancy.

Anyone seen such a thing?

The target hardware is updated often and cant be shipped back
for JTAG firmware updates.

Comments or assistance would be much appreciated.