Reply by johnfatcock January 5, 20122012-01-05
Hi everybody,

I just joined the forum. I'm an engineer out of Georgia Tech and have been working mostly in RF and radar for the past 15 years. I just bought one of those $55 DSP boards from TI just for fun. I'm also a guitar player in my spare time, so I figured a good project to get my feet wet would be a guitar tuner.

To constrain the discussion somewhat let's say my guitar tuner's "job" will be to take an input stream of a digitized periodic (but not sinusoidal) audio signal and output a numeric value for the fundamental frequency. In other words I'm not worrying (for now) about how the audio gets into the DSP. And also let's disregard how the output is displayed.

Now I have never laid hands on a DSP before, so please bear with what may be some dumb questions...

1. What are some basic DSP concepts that I will need to understand? Off the top of my head I am guessing FFT and digital filtering.
2. What about some sort of time domain curve fitting approach?
3. Is MATLAB useful in trying out algorithms/approaches?
4. Are there any "hello world" exercises in the realm of audio/DSP that will help me get going?