Reply by drexlmeier August 29, 20032003-08-29

does anybody know where I can find information about the ADC Highlimit
interupt.(LowLimit/ZeroCorssing resp.) Im interested in general
infromation like:
How do I have to Configure the ADC. When does the interrupt occure?
Which values are compared with the Limit Registers? ....
I want to get an overview what can be done with that feature.

Im Using the DSP56F805. And the Codewarrior 5.1 IDE.

I already read the DSP-Manual and the 3 Application Notes from
Motorola hompage about the ADC.

My application is not very clear by now, the only thing to say is,
that i want to get some Information out a certain signal. Iam at
very erly state of brainstorming how to tune the signal and which
peripherals to use.
One Idea e.g. is to give the signal a shape like a PWM with a ramp
instead of the rising edge. Then it would be litle bit like the post
about measuring the PWM but not with rectangular signal.

I am now brainstorming if the Limit-Crossing Interupts can help me.
And what is needed to use them.