Reply by Brian C. Lane August 5, 20032003-08-05
Does anyone have any bright ideas on how to figure out what piece of
code is running from flash? Here's the problem -- I boot from flash and
copy all of .text and .vectors to RAM. The C init code initializes the
variables from flash, end them I'm supposedly running 100% from RAM.

Except that I'm seeing a regular, short flash access. Its so quick that
I can't even tell how often it is (the 468 scope doesn't have enough
persistence for me to see both triggers when I expand the timescale).

So, I've got a rogue piece of code doing a little flash access (2
strobes on A0), but not much. I've already stared at my memory map
(output by the linker) and the only possibilty I can see is the .cinit
section, but it only gets copied at bootup, right?


Brian C. Lane (W7BCL) Programmer RF, DSP & Microcontroller Design