Reply by hiskey-0808 March 14, 20022002-03-14
I have a problem about DSP56F803,When I into the Debug mode then I
go to check OS1,OS0 two bits,their status is 1 and 0.The status show
the core is busy status,I don't know where is my wrong,I describe my
step for into the debug mode below.I hope you can give me some

Step1.RESET pin to low and TRST pin to Hi

Step2.JTAG port go to RUN-TEST/idle status.

Step3.Load ENABLE_ONCE instruction.

Step4.Load DEBUG_REQUEST instruction.

Step5.REST pin to Hi and TRST pin to Hi.

Step6.Check OS1 and OS0 on TDO pin .(the result is 1 and 0)

Pls see it and tell me where is my wrong.?

Thank you very very much.

Best regards,