Reply by waynerob92780 May 16, 20022002-05-16
I'm trying to troubleshoot a compile error in the spi driver for the
dsp56805evm. I compile the demo spi project OK
But i create my own test project using "embedded SDK stationary", copy
the spi.c and configextram/appconfig.h from the demo project into my
own test project directory and i get compile errors:

Error : cannot convert
'unsigned int (*)(int, unsighed short *, unsigned int)' to
'unsigned int (*)(int, const void *, unsigned int)'
const.c line 2335 spiWrite,
Error : cannot convert
'void (*)()' to
'void (*)(union sigval)'
spi.c line 71 Timer1Event.sigev_notify_function = WriteOneSampleToDAC;

I have to unclick "relaxed pointer type rules" under c/c++ language
settings (project preferences). The demo spi project has this relaxed
setting turned on. A new project created using embedded sdk
stationary will not have relaxed pointer rules and spi driver compile
will fail.