Reply by sjs22kaes September 17, 20032003-09-17
Could anyone help me convert the MATLAB code of the MUSIC Method to
Excel Spreadsheet. Or is there software that can you it?

function Px = music(x,p,M)
MUSIC Frequency estimation using the MUSIC algorithm.

USAGE Px=music(x,p,M)

The input sequence x is assumed to consist of p complex
exponentials in white noise. The frequencies of the
complex exponentials and the variance of the white noise
are estimated using the MUSIC algorithm.

x : input sequence
p : number of complex exponentials to find
M : number of noise eigenvectors to use

The frequency estimates are found from the peaks of the
pseudospectrum Px.

see also PHD, EV, and MIN_NORM x = x(:);
if M<p+1 | length(x)<M, error('Size of R is inappropriate'), end
R = covar(x,M);
for j=1:M-p