Reply by Ahmad hasan November 10, 20032003-11-10

Heloo Mr. Jergang19

In the Area you chosen, you have to decide taht,

- Your system will be speaker dependent, or independent.
- Your system is for 'Isolated words', 'Connected words',or 'Continous

the simplest one is Isolated words, speaker dependent.

The matching should be not between the stored waveform, incoming one.

Follow the steps.
1- record the voice from MIC. directly with matlab function called
2-deal with the waveforms' .wav' files using ' waveread', and wavewrite'
3- process the waveform to eleminate the silence from the, and to extract
certain features that are private for any speaker.
4- compare the feauter vectors that are stored with taht coming from speaker
using certain recognition technique.

-To extract features from waverforms use 'Zerocrossing Technique', or
'Energy function'.
-The best recognition techniques are ' MED minimum Eucleadian Distance', '
KNN K Nearest Nieghbor', or ' ANN Artificial Neural Networks'.

Study all topics you dont know listed above, and start programming.

best of wishes
Ahmad hasan

Reply by jergang19 November 3, 20032003-11-03
Hi everyone,
I am working on a voice recognition project. A speaker speakes a few
words into the system, and the system matches the audio waveform with
templates. If there is a match, Matlab returns a value to the user.
If there is
no match, user access shall be denied.

Has anyone done this program before? I am very new in Matlab and I
would very
much appreciate it if anyone could mail me their code so that I can
learn from