Reply by Mandar Rahurkar February 27, 20042004-02-27
However in the problem specified the filter command is as good as
filter you use. There is NO way to filter all the AWGN..if you can
find a way to do that would be HUGE..


--- Glen Ragan <> wrote:
> Yes, the filter() function will do filtering. Since you seem to be
> doing signal detection, you would also be interested in
> convolution,
> conv(), with the time-reversal of the pattern you wish to detect
> (matched-filter detection). > Glen Ragan
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> Subject: filter function in matlab for awgn > Hi All,
> is there any filter function in matlab that can filter the signal
> disturbed by awgn (additive white gaussian noise) ? can anyone help
> me...
> thx very much,
> arida >

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