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How to design Decimator with the extra filter A(z) at the output and
Interpolator with the extra filter A(z) at the input. ..
x(n) is the input
Fs = 24 in the input sampling rate
M= 6 is the number of subfilter

In case decimator A(z) is operated at output sample rate . as Fs/M ..where
M is 6 .Fs is the input sampling rate. 
In case Interpolator A(z) is placed at the input and operates at input
sampling rate ie 24khz.
Bandwidth =1khz
transition bandwidth =0.25khz
inband ripple is 0.1
outband attenuation is 80db
filter length =348

i have doubt in designing the A(z).
is there any specific formula to design kernel filter A(z)

Thank you in advance

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