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hello, puneetha
iam a biomedical engineer and iam working in the same feild that you try to do, ive successfully implemented a code for LMS algorithm to eleminate the noise from sinusoidal signal and iam trying to eleminate the interference from ECG signal using LMS, it is easy to choose the parameters of the filter but you will get a problem in the input to the adaptive filter, you can use matlab simulink and aptive filter toolbox to insert your signal and simulate the overall process but finally we need to successfully eleminate the noise,on the other hand iam working on elemination motion artifacts from the signal, if you are intrested you can send for me for more information .
Reply by puneetha achar March 22, 20062006-03-22

im new to the topic of adaptive filters and its implementation in matlab. im doing a project on 'filtering and analysis of an ECG wave'. we are carrying out all our analysis on an ECG wave with only a powerline interference (60hz).

the signal available to us is an ECG wave with a noise component of 60hz, sampled at 200hz..the file is in .dat format. we have been able to implement FIR/IIR, notch filtering for the same in matlab..the 60hz component was successfully filtered out.

can you help me implement an adaptive filter using LMS algorithm for this signal in matlab... i am not clear with regards to the value of mu(step size), filter order, necessary inputs to be given to filter etc... can someone please send me a SAMPLE CODE.

has anybody here worked with ECG waves..any help,suggestions will be appreciated.