Reply by DimaX December 26, 20052005-12-26

1. G.723.1 and AMR-NB are different codecs. AMR standart is available
2. GSM-AMR is just another name for AMR-NB, usually simply AMR.
2.1 NB = narrow band (8kHz sampling rate), WB - wide band (16kHz), thus
AMR and AMR-WB are different codecs
3. I think encoder should consume < 50 MIPS, decoder < 8 MIPS (assumes
memory works at a core speed)

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Reply by rajanikanth December 15, 20052005-12-15
Hi to all,

I am doing projects of AMR- WB(ITU G.722.2) & AMR- NB implementation on

I have the following doubts, please clarify.

1) What are the standards for AMR- NB? Is 3gpp AMR-NB same as ITU G.723.1

2) AMR- WB and GSM-AMR are same or not ? 
2) What is the difference between ARM and TI- processors in the MIPS point

   of  view ?

3) How many MIPS the AMR- WB will take generally?
   How many MIPS the AMR- NB will take generally?

4) Approximately how many days one guy will take to complete 
   these projects ?

Thanks in advance.

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