Reply by najmy March 30, 20072007-03-30
Hi all,
I need to ask anyone who used to do the near-far
simulations under Gaussian noise for CDMA system.
Based on my brief understanding, in near-far
simulation, we need to calculate the performance (BER)
of receivers with two interferers, which are one with
equal to the desired user and another one with a power
which varies from certain dB below the desired up to
certain dB above the desired user.
I have questions. Is this mean that the system can
only have just two users? or Is there any possibility
to have more than two users influenced by two
interferers? Please, can anyone help explaining about
this issue.
It is a great help if someone could give me some
Matlab pseudocodes/routines for simulating the
simulations for MUD in CDMA.
Thanks and best regards.