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hi all

sorry for the gap of my question

thanks to every one how answer to me

the code

[file,path] = uiputfile('*.jpg','Save Workspace As');

this save only the image i opened with out the changes or update
if i make a filter to ana image(adjust or contrast)
when i save the image the image is be saved with out this actions
i hope my idea is clear now
hope to have an answer soon

with regards enas
Reply by May 14, 20072007-05-14
hi all

in my image processing application..
i have two axes
axes1 for original image..
axes2 for filtered image..
i have a number of filters which change the original and display the filtered image on axes2
but when i save these is save the original image without saving the changes made to the original image..

my teacher said to me that matlab doesn't save the changes made to axes..just save the subplot only...

my this true??
can i save the changes that made on axes???and HOW??????
can you give me save code???

cause my siminar on 22\may
with regards
Balqa Applied university

i need your help