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Dear all,

Sorry for this multipost (for whose who have subscription to
comp.soft-sys.matlab, news.announce.newgroups). This RFD had to appear
in this group as well but was some how missed.

Please join the discussion for this new group for GNU Octave.

                unmoderated group comp.soft-sys.octave

This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) for the creation of the
unmoderated Usenet newsgroup, comp.soft-sys.octave.


comp.soft-sys.octave    (TBD)

RATIONALE: comp.soft-sys.octave

This new newsgroup "comp.soft-sys.octave" will be a forum for
application and development issues related to the use of GNU Octave,
free, open-source software package for doing numerical computations.
Octave is very much similar to the commercial application "MATLAB"
the MathWorks) in its syntax and function.

GNU Octave does not have any single roof for discussion. New users
are daunted at the very onset of their exposure to Octave due to its
complexity (e.g., the 350 page manual). This group will serve as a
central, standardized meeting place for the discussion of GNU Octave
will allow the exchange of ideas and flow of information on all aspects
GNU Octave by users of all experience levels.

The establishment of a GNU Octave usenet newsgroup will leverage the
NNTP standard, which is a commercially independent and well-established
standard that will provide a forum that is free from manipulation and
advertisement (unlike many web-based forums) for all discussion of
GNU Octave and will be easily interfaced from any usenet news client

Because of Octave's syntactical resemblance to MATLAB(R) (from
Inc.), users read the Matlab newsgroup (comp.soft-sys.matlab) to watch
for a look-alike solution to their problems. Thus the establishment of
separate Octave newsgroup will partition Octave issues from Matlab
and reduce off-topic questions in the Matlab newsgroup. Related
have also appeared in comp.dsp

Development issues such as crashes and errors that might not otherwise
reported can be posted here. Developers can scan the group for problems
and post possible fixes or workarounds.

A mailing list exists for GNU Octave (, but it
busy with development-related tasks. The daily general and application-
specific issues can be more accurately dealt with a separate newsgroup
for GNU Octave.

The name comp.soft-sys.octave seems to be an appropriate choice.

This newgroup is meant for quick exchange of information about GNU
so the moderation of the group isn't necessary.

CHARTER: comp.soft-sys.octave

General GNU Octave questions and its application to specific fields
as digital signal processing, digital communications, medical imaging,
etc., as well as development issues such as bugs, fixes, workarounds,
etc., in the main Octave kernel as well as developer- and user-supplied
scripts (.m files) which extend Octave's functionality.

The general issues include:

  * Addressing new user queries.
  * Exchange of source code in public domain, especially .m scripts.
  * Addressing the applications of GNU Octave in various fields.

Usage Specific in fields like Signal Processing:

  * Exchange of public domain source code to strengthen the signal
    processing part of GNU Octave.
  * Addressing the beginner to advanced queries regarding various
    processing related function available with GNU Octave, as built-in
    as separate packages.



The newsgroup creation process is currently undergoing revision.
refer to the newsgroup creation policies listed here:

All discussion of this proposal should be posted to news.groups.


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Himanshu Singh Chauhan <>


2006-03-15    Reformatted by Tim Skirvin for posting as an RFD.
2006-03-14    Submitted by Himanshu Singh Chauhan.