Reply by Guillaume Zin July 12, 20062006-07-12

I'm working on an old project containing TI TMS320C50 DSPs, using the 
very old TMS320C5x debugger for DOS version 6.50. I had a doubt on my 
XDS510 emulator ISA card health so I developped, based on the work of 
Blaise Gassend ( ) a special 
version of DOSBox for Windows simulating a XDS510 card using a simple 
JTAG parallel cable (a Xilinx IV one). Fr those who are interested, see 
here : .

The conclusion is that the real XDS510 ISA card and the simulation with 
a simple JTAG probe behave exactly the same : when trying to debug, the 
registers contain stupid values (0 instead of 1 for fixed bits in 
registers for instance, see the screenshot in the ZIP file) and I can't 
load code that works with TMS320C5x simulator for DOS version 6.50 or 
buried in EPROM.

It seems that somehow, during new chip revisions, the JTAG scan path for 
the debug engine changed and the TMS320C5x debugger is not aware of this 
path (the chip I'm working on is marked TMS320C50PQ80 (C)1992 TI 
HDU-1AA15EW). And it seems that the resvct.001 file which comes with 
emu5x.exe is implied in the definition of registers in the JTAG scan path.

Could anyone send me the resvct.001 that comes with his TMS320C5x tools 
for test purposes, or give me a lead to emulate my project?

Thank you.