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Hi Daniel,

since you have the noise available (separated from the noisy signal), why don't you denoise the noisy signal via a simple LMS adaptive filter? Do you know how to do that?

Reply by May 5, 20082008-05-05

I'm trying to create an FIR filter to cancel some noise in an audio sample by looking back at the previous samples (some m samples back) to create the filter weight for the current sample and then incrementing (similar to a queue where a new sample enters).

I am using the auto and cross-correlation between the noise and the noisy signal to find the filter coefficients and not having any luck. I am using the following formulas:
-Cross-correlation between noise and noisy signal (p) is noisy(n-m:n)*noise(n-m:n)
-Autocorrelation for the noise (r) is noise(n-m:n)*noise(n-m:m)'
-Filter Weight (W) is r^-1 * p

I am then using the Filter Weight (W) to find out how much noise to subtract from the noisy signal with W' * noise(some range).

My MATLAB code is as follows:
% Load Wave File
[original, Fs, nbits] = wavread('Original.wav');
original = original(1:10); % Trying a small chunk first

% Generate noise and add it to the signal
noise = (0.04).*randn(1, length(original))';
noisy = original + noise;
wavwrite(noisy, Fs, nbits, 'Noisy_Output.wav');

m = 3; % How far in the past do we look to determine weight

% We loop through the entire audio sample, calculating new weights
% for the current sample by looking at the previous 3 samples, filtering
% and then repeating the process
for n = 1:8,
% Calculate Correlations p and r
temp = xcorr(noise(n:n+m-1), noisy(n:n+m-1), 'unbiased');
p = temp(m:m+m-1); % Take second half of matrix

r = xcorr2(noise(n:n+m-1), noise(n:n+m-1)');
r = fliplr(r);
R = pinv(r);

% Calculate Filter Weight
W = R * p;

% Find what to subtract and take it out of the noisy signal
to_subtract(m+n-1) = W'*noise(n:n+m-1);
filtered(n+m-1) = noisy(n+m-1) - to_subtract(n+m-1)';

Unfortunately the results are not correct (even for a small sample) and I think it might be due to my filter coefficient calculation (i.e. xcorr and xcorr2 not working). I already tried without the flips and using them unmodified, but reading the documentation, I believe this is correct. At the same time, it's not working and thus any help would be appreciated.