Reply by yaheeido October 28, 20082008-10-28
according to this link

The author say that ".... to cope with processing signals of differing
lengths due to the changes in sample rates ..... This is accomplished
by the "Delay Alignment" subsystem illustrated in Fig. 1. Also, to
compare the output signal with the input, additional delays are
introduced into the input signal path. Data alignment is a significant
aspect of a practical, real-time implementation."

when I open demo in simulink blockset demo,under Signal
processing/Wavlets/Wavelet denoising and look Under "Delay
aligment".It 's compose of some delay block.However I don't clear how
to configure amount of delay in each delay block. And when I decide to
change Level of wavelet decomposition,it seem that I should
configure,so anyone could give me some suggestion. thank you in advance.