Reply by DaveC November 21, 20062006-11-21
Hello new to DSP so please try not to flame me to much.

For a specific audio application I have in mind I have narrowed my
selection down to the Analog Devices Blackfin ADSP-BF532SBSTZ400

Why this part?
 - It's cheap
 - it comes in a LQFP and I don't want to deal with BGA's for a
 - it has two SPORTS that I need, because I'm looking at 6ch in and 6ch

I need to do this on the cheap basically, so my question is this. Once
I have the 90 day trial of VisualDSP++. What options do I have to
actually programme the chip aside from the EZ-KIT Lite that costs

Of course if the BF532 comes with a boot loader on it, then I will have
no problem programming the specified external flash rom. (AT45DB041B,
AT45DB081B, AT45DB161B) ... Is this the case or have I got it all

David Chamberlain