Reply by TS September 3, 20092009-09-03

I'm beginner to MATLAB.I've problem of understanding with the following code (line comment):

X = imread('lena.jpg');

N = 2;
[C, S] = wavedec2(X, N, 'db1'); %Vector C and Matrix S...can't get the meaning..even after reading MatLab Help file. Pls Explain on this it referring to color change?

cA1 = appcoef2(C,S,'db1',1); %computes the approximation coefficients at level1 using the wavelet decomposition structure [C,S]...still I'm lost..pls explain.

[cH1,cV1,cD1] = detcoef2('all',C,S,1); %confusing...

Thank you in advance.