Reply by eko suhendro September 4, 20092009-09-04
hi guys I'm very new to Matlab and DSP and am in a bit a nitch.
I need to generate waveforms with sampling rate 256 samples per cycle,
frequency 50 Hz and duration five cycles.
1. for normal signal x(t)=Asin wt, A=1
2. Voltage sag signal x(t)=A(1-alpha(u(t-t1)-u(t-t2)))sinwt
where t1=0, u(t)=0, t<1
alpha=magnitude of sag, u(t)=step function; alpha=0.1

really struggling with this one problem in particular but on the whole
the whole matlab thing is quite easy and quite understandable.
Would reall appreciate your help on this as soon as possible