Reply by Greg March 26, 20072007-03-26
Hello sdses,

There's a tool called XDSPROBE, search for it in CCS files.
There may be also an out-file for your emulator
(You haven't mentioned which one you use).
Then you can try basic commands like:

XDSPROBE -F yourFile.out -r -o ..\log\wolfgang.log
XDSPROBE -F yourFile.out -g -o ..\log\wolfgang.log

First on resets you emulator, second tests the scan path.

                                    Regards, Wolfgang

Reply by sdses March 24, 20072007-03-24
I start CCS v.3 from CCS Setup after configure devices using default
configure. I get a error message :

Error initializing emulator

Board Name: OMAP1510 ES2 XDS560 Emulator
Cpu Name: ARM9_0

Abort:		Close Code Composer Studio.
Retry:		Try to initialize the emulator again.
Ignore:		Ignore the initialization error and start
		potentially without target debugging access.
Diagnostic:	Run diagnostic utility.

Help me know how fix this error.