Reply by Bryan April 19, 20072007-04-19
Hi all, I m currently doing hardware in the loop JTAG cosimulation test
using XTREME DSP Development Kit 2. The FPGA onboard is a Virtex 2

My problem is when i try to run simulation for my Simulink model that has
the cosim block connected in my original design i get an error
message:"Error configuring device, a problem may exist in the hardware
configuration . Check that the cable  , scan chain and power connection are
intact, that the specified scan chain configuration matches the actual
hardware, and that the power supply is adequate and delivering the correct

I would appreciate if some one can point me in the right direction because
the manuals never really touch on this issue, they presume this is pretty
plug and play.Apparently it isnt.

And thanks for the info last time, Martin, u were a great help.