Reply by maheshhooli April 19, 20072007-04-19
Error connecting to the target:
Error 0x80002200/-291
Fatal Error during: OCS, Control, 
This error was generated by TI's USCIF driver.

I m getting this error.... and our tclk frequency is 500kHz.... please
reply to my problem ....


The built-in scan-path length measurement has failed. This indicates
that the JTAG controller cannot reliably communicate with
the target DSP's and micro-controllers at that frequency.
Try specifying the scan-path lengths in the board configuration
file because the built-in scan-path reliability tests cannot be
performed without knowledge of the scan-path length.

Sequence ID: 0
Error Code: -291
Error Class: 0x80002200

Board Name: OMAP2430_BH560M
Cpu Name: ICEPICK_B_0

Abort:		Close Code Composer Studio.
Retry:		Try to connect to the target again.
Cancel:		Remain disconnected from the target
Diagnostic:	Run diagnostic utility.

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