Reply by Jens April 24, 20072007-04-24
I saw a previous thread about this problem but i have some further
questions since i am experiencing some problem.

I am using the ADSP-21369 and want to define a global variable in the
external memory. I am using the Block Based Talkthrough program (C)
provided with the VDSP++.

i am doing this in tt.h to define two varialbes in the section seg_sdram

   section("seg_sdram") float tt;
   section("seg_sdram") float rr;

in order for the compiler to acknowledge these sections i have added
following lines to the LDF file (ADSP-21369.LDF)

  seg_sram  { TYPE(DM RAM) START(0x00200000) END(0x0021FFFF) WIDTH(32)}
  seg_sdram { TYPE(DM RAM) START(0x08000000) END(0x083FFFFF) WIDTH(32)}

this should define the memory adresses

and then i define

            INPUT_SECTIONS( $OBJECTS(seg_sram))
        } > seg_sram
            INPUT_SECTIONS( $OBJECTS(seg_sdram))  
        } > seg_sdram

so the sections should be known

but i still get an error

[Warning li2060]  The following input section(s) that contain program
        and/or data have not been placed into the executable for processor
        as there are no relevant commands specified in the LDF:

my quesion is why isnt there any relavent commands specified when i have
specified them?

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Is it already listed at ?