Reply by arun December 14, 20072007-12-14

I have a doubt regarding 1 other project. I have to get the modulation
transfer function of an image (and the same image defocused). The
defocus is either induced by constructing a bessel filter (similar to
airy functions, defocus created by unfocused thin lens). Even though I
already designed the filter, I am currently using  a webcam to get the
defocus by altering the focus of the lens.

After this, I can calculate the fourier transform (magnitude plot)
separately. Now, I have to calculate the modulation transfer function
from this magnitude plot. This is what I have been able to search and
find. If this is right, could any1 guide me as to how to proceed to
calculate the MTF (modulation transfer function) of the image or
suggest a better and method to calculate.