Reply by oldmaven February 16, 20082008-02-16
I use Maple to construct the binary code for a Reed Solomon RS(n,k). I use
the construction from this website, omitting all the steps after the

So, basically, i get a code for RS(2^n - 1, t) code. I pre-assume, i got
that from RS(n,k) and 2t=n-k, with a primitive polynomial of degree n.

Now, i know, Reed Solomon has this wonderful property of Minimum Distance
Seperable, i.e d=n-k+1. And , could be represented as an(n, k, d) linear
code over F=GF(q)?

was the code for RS(15,2) where 15= 2^n - 1, t =2 as generated from the
Maple input from the link above. 

I want to see the MDS property from the result. And yes, i am a newbie and
with lots going around , i am pretty confused.

Thanks for the help.